The SuperCMIT defines a new category of shotgun microphone, with directivity that goes beyond anything previously known. It offers the recording engineer entirely new possibilities.

Digital signal processing in the SuperCMIT recognizes sound energy arriving from various directions, and determines whether that sound has a discrete, persistent direction of arrival or not. It uses this information to suppress diffuse sound and to focus on discrete sound. This allows the “reach” of the shotgun microphone to be increased significantly, without causing the usual sound-coloring artifacts. The Super­CMIT is the first microphone in the world to combine such high directivity with high sound quality.


  • New type of digital shotgun microphone with increased directivity, based on SCHOEPS' extremely successful analog model CMIT 5
  • Diffuse sound is suppressed to an extraordinary degree
  • Completely new operating principle with two transducers
  • Uses digital signal processing algorithms from ILLUSONIC (patent pending)
  • Two-channel output, with SuperCMIT signal in channel 1 and (direct, single-transducer) CMIT signal in channel 2
  • SCHOEPS sound quality: transparent sound


  • Sensitivity: -31 dBFS at 1Pa
  • Equivalent Noise Level (A-Weighted)
    • Channel 1: 13dB-A
    • Channel 2: 16 dB-A
  • Equivalent Noise Level (CCIR)
    • Channel 1: 26 dB-A
    • Channel 2: 28 dB-A
  • Maximum SPL: 125 dB-SPL
  • Filter(s): switchable:
    • 80 Hz at 16 dB/oct.
    • 5 dB lift at 10 kHz (shelving)
  • Powering: 10 V digital phantom powering (AES42)
  • Current Consumption: 170 mA
  • Output
    • AES42, Mode 1, Sample Rate 48 kHz
    • Channel 1: SuperCMIT
    • Channel 2: regular CMIT (Analog signal only)
  • Length: 280mm (11")
  • Diameter: 21mm (0.83")
  • Weight: 112 grams (4 oz.)

Included accessories: Wooden case, SG 20 stand adapter, W 170 foam windscreen for moderate wind and boom motion.

SuperCMIT Digital Microphone, Price: $4,750.00
PSD 2U AES 42-2006 (DPP) Powering Box, Price: $289.00
Powering box for AES 42-2006 10-Volt digital phantom powering (DPP),
with XLR and RCA outputs for the SuperCMIT digital shotgun microphone and the CMD 2 U digital microphone amplifier.
An AC adapter is included.

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