MDMS U Matrix

The new SCHOEPS DMS Matrix MDMS U offers a complete 5.0 surround signal directly. It is a small, sturdy box containing high-quality transformers which form a passive decoder matrix. The microphone signals are converted directly into the 5.0 Surround signals L/R/C/LS/RS. An additional switch enables a second setting, which is a four-channel L/R/LS/RS setup without the Center channel. Phantom powering is needed for only three of the outputs.

The matrix parameters are designed such that the resulting 5 (or 4) virtual microphones are optimally arranged and undesirable artifacts avoided. Both settings offer well-designed properties:

  • minimal channel overlap (crosstalk)
  • optimal virtual microphone balance in all directions (supercardioid patterns)
  • well-balanced 360° localization
  • optimal 360° overall level constancy
  • minimal back-lobe pickup (< -11dB)

The settings have been designed and evaluated in extensive field tests for ambience recording, live TV shows, theatre and music recording. In general, the unedited channels from the DMS decoder offer the best possible solution.

In our investigations, additional strategies were found and tested which can improve the performance of the Double M/S set in concert halls and other typical front/back scenarios. For instance, an additional delay (~10 ms) can be introduced into the surround channels, which improves the perceived spaciousness and helps avoiding erroneous localization throughout a larger listening area. Furthermore, the DMS signals can be supplemented by spaced room microphones to enhance the spatial image.

Price: MDMS U Matrix $1,587.00

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