Digital Microphone Amplifier
CMD 2U / CMD 2U xt

  • for digital inputs that implement the AES 42-2006 standard
  • for use with any and all microphone capsules of the Schoeps ”Colette” System
  • can be used with all Schoeps Active Accessories (tubes, cables, goosenecks and CUT filters)
  • offers freedom from analog interference
  • designed for highest-quality music recording, but also ideal for ENG and conference applications
  • only 100 mA current consumption (digital phantom powering as specified by AES 42-DPP, 10 Volts)
  • handles the full dynamic range from the noise floor to the absolute SPL limit without adjustment

The digital amplifier CMD 2U seamlessly extends the Schoeps ”Colette” modular microphone system. Instead of 48 Volt phantom powering, it operates with the standard digital phantom powering of an AES 42-type digital input. Sonically it is fully the equal of Schoeps' CMC-series analog microphones, but the internal A/D conversion eliminates analog interference and signal losses either in the cable or at the inputs of analog preamps and mixers.

The CMD 2U was nominated in 2005 for the ”mipa” (Musik­messe International Press Award).

CMD 2U xt
CMD 2U with extended frequency to 40kHz
CMD 2U, Price: $1,237.00

CMD 2U xt, Price: $1,237.00

PSD 2U Powering Box, Price: $286.00
Powering box for AES 42-2006 10-Volt digital phantom powering (DPP), with XLR and RCA outputs for the SuperCMIT digital shotgun microphone and the CMD 2 U digital microphone amplifier. An AC adapter is included.

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