SONOTRIM Lavalier Cages
MC-1 (with Plain Back) & MC-2 (with Double Needle "Vampire Clip")
Front Back

These special mounts are meant for use under clothing. They eliminate rubbing noise from shirts, ties and coats, which can come into contact with the grill of the Sonotrim. In addition, they create a little chamber, allowing sound to reach the microphone element without obstruction. If appearance permits, bending the metal struts away from the clear plastic backing opens the chamber even further.

Another advantage of the Lavalier Cages is their "Boundary-Layer" effect, with its circular mount backing the microphone, insuring an even pickup of the surrounding soundfield.

Two versions are available:

The MC-1 has a plain back, ideal for taping directly to an undergarment or directly to the skin of the hapless wearer. One advantage of this is its smaller size without the additional thickness caused by the clip.

The MC-2 has a double-needle "Vampire Clip" to mount it to the wearer's clothing.

Both the MC-1 and MC-2 can accept the WS Windscreen for outside use on a blustery day.

Lavalier cage with plain back
Lavalier cage with double-needle "Vampire Clip"


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