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SONOTRIM is a registered trademark of POSTHORN RECORDINGS. SONOTRIM is manufactured exclusively for and distributed worldwide by POSTHORN RECORDINGS.


Maximum SPL:

134 dB (battery-powered)
148 dB (12V–48V phantom-powered)


25 dB "A"-weighted (equivalent SPL at 1 kHz)

Source Impedance:

3 kOhm unbalanced
250 Ohm transformer-balanced at output of STR-79 or STR-PS battery supply

Internal Powering: 0.9V–20V, positive or negative bias. STR-79 & STR-PS use a LR44H/A76/675/357-type button cell

External Powering:

12V–48V phantom-powered (positive bias STR-79+ or STR-PS models only)

Power Consumption:

25µA @ 1.3V (STR-79 or STR-PS battery supply)
95µA @ 6V (12V–48V phantom-powered STR-79+ or STR-PS supply)

Capsule Dimensions:

L = 0.540", W = 0.300", D = 0.196"

Battery Supply:

L = 3.250". Diameter, not including clip = 0.750"

Cable Length:

54" is standard. Custom lengths up to 12' are an additional $25, $1 per foot thereafter


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