Stereo Microphones

Individual Microphones as Stereo Pairs


$ net
DSP-4KFM360 Signal processor, DSP-4 for KFM 360 5.1 System or KFM 360 as stereo microphone
KFM 360 18cm Spher microphone with AK SU/2U, KG, 2x SGC-KFM, requires DSP-4KFM360
KFM 6 Sphere Microphone: Two specially designed pressure-omni transducers are flush-mounted on an 8" (200 mm) globe. Internal 12V-48V phantom-powered electronics reinforce auditory cues with head-related phase and frequency compensation. A Y-cable (XLR-5F to 2x XLR-3M), balljoint and hanging hardware are included.
WKFM Windscreen for KFM 6, solid foam "Saturn" ring
MSTC 64g "ORTF Stereo " Microphone: Two MK 4 cardioid capsules at either end of a "T"-shaped dual amplifier body are spaced 17 cm (6.7") apart and spread 110°. XLR-5M output, 12V-48V phantom-powered. Uses A 20 S suspension.
CMXY 4V Ug Two side-address cardioid CCM 4 Vs are interlocked so that they rotate in opposite directions to adjust stereo spread from 0° to 180°. Extremely compact, with swivel base for hanging, boom mounting, or tabletop use; 12V-48V phantom-powered, XLR-5M output connector.
CMXY 4V Ig Same as above CMXY 4V Ug, but with 5-pin Binder connector for Schoeps Miniature Stereo System and a KS 5 IU adapter cable.
Decca Tree Set 2H Includes (3) each CCM 2H Lg (matched), KA 40, K5 LU and SGC, in custom wood box
Decca Tree Set 2S Includes (3) each CCM 2S Lg (matched), KA 40, K5 LU and SGC, in custom wood box

* See also KFM 360 Stereo / Surround Microphone System

$ net
Two CCM, CMBI/MK or CMC/MK microphones, with the aid of the following accessories, can be easily set up to configure any of the classic coincident (X-Y, M-S) or near-coincident ("ORTF Stereo") pickups.
AMS 22 M-S Elastic Suspension with swivel, holds two microphones parallel for Mid-Side
M 100 C Miniature Stereo Mounting Bar for X/Y and ORTF with axial MK-/KC- and CCM
MAB 1000 1000mm (39”) Stereo Bar for A/B mic placement, includes transport case
UMS 20 Universal Stereo Bracket has two sliding, locking clamps on a crossbar, with detents set at the correct angles and positions for X-Y, M-S and ORTF. The stand mount fits an A 20 S suspension.
VMS 5 U Preamp/Mid-Side Matrix powers any 48V stereo microphone or stereo pair. Switchable gain, LF rolloff, etc.
$ net
AMS Elastic Suspension for M-S setup of CCM 8 + CCM- or MK 8 + MK-; with swivel, cable clamp, 3/8" adapter
AMS CI M-S elastic suspension for MK- capsules, Binder plug
AMS LI M-S elastic suspension for CCM-L, Binder plug
AMS LU M-S elastic suspension for CCM-L, XLR-5M plug
WSR CMXY Basket windshield with modified A 20 S suspension for CMXY 4 Vg
WSR MS WSR MS, windshield, Windjammer and suspension for M/S Capsules or (2) CCM_L  $561.00
WSR MS CI WSR MS CI, windshield, Windjammer, suspension and integral cable for M/S MK Capsules, Binder 5M out $1,305.00
WSR MS LI WSR MS LI, windshield, Windjammer, suspension and integral cable for (2) CCM_L, Binder 5F out $1,105.00
WSR MS LU WSR MS LU, windshield, Windjammer, suspension and integral cable for (2) CCM_L, XLR-3M out $1,022.00
WSR XY LU Basket windshield, suspension and cable box for both CCM-L X/Y and M-S stereo setups
WJ MS/XY WindJammer furry cover for WSR CMXY and WSR MS, for the most effective protection in heavy wind

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