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Popscreens and Windscreens

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A 20 CMXY Schoeps A20 CMXY
A2P CCM A2P CCM, Polarflex Bracket for CCM8 and CCM2, requires Polarflex plug-in $109.00
A 20  
A 20 S  
A 22 Dual A 20 mount for 2 CMC- + MK- (not for stereo)
A 22 S Dual A 20 S mount 2 CMC- + MK- + CUT and/or GVC (not for stereo)
A 2-20 S* Dual A 20 S mount for under-desk elastic support of CMC with SKC, or ST 20 3/8 with STC, S 250 LSU, S 420 LSU, etc.
Special order only
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H 20g Cable hanger with swivel, cable clamp, and anti-twist lockring for lateral orientation of a Colette or stereo microphone
H 20 Upgrade H 20 Upgrade Set - Convert SG20 to H 20g and/or for hanging M 100 C or STCg
HC Miniature cable hanger with swivel for CCM or MK Capsule with active cable
HC Upgrade HC Upgrade Set - Convert SGC to HC, can also be used with SGCM
SG 20

Stand clamp with metal swivel, 5/8"-27 internal thread; with adapter to 1/2"-13 and 3/8"-16 male studs

SG 22 Twin stand clamp varies the angle between two CMC- + MK- microphones (not wide enough for stereo)
SG 22 MOD Twin stand clamp, as above, but varies the spacing between two parallel CMC- + MK- microphones from 1/8" to 2"
SG 30 30 mm Stand Clamp
SPV 12-3/8 Special chuck supplied with the BF 250. Can be permanently screwed on to any base with a 3/8"-16 stud to create a quick connect and disconnect system for an STR vertical support rod
T 20g Table stand for a microphone with 20 mm diameter
TA 20g Table stand, as above, but with elastic suspension
TA 22g Table stand, as above, but for two microphones, each with elastic suspension. Not intended for stereo setup
F 5g * Table mounting flange (36 mm) with 3/8"-16 stud
ST 20 3/8 * Mounting cylinder (20 mm diameter) with 3/8"-16 stud, cable passthrough
STR-TC * Extension cylinder (30 mm length) for TC, etc. (3/8"-16 stud, 3/8"-16 socket)
Z 10 Universal clamp: 2.6" C-clamp/handgrip with balljoint and 3/8"-16, 5/8"-27 stud adapter, slipneck, stud, woodscrew etc.

* These pieces can be combined to make a shock-resistant assembly for podium or table mounting of Colette and CCM goosenecks and tubes.

$ net
Info Information on Popscreens and Windscreens  
B 1 B 1, Thin Foam Dust Cover for CCM microphones
B 1 D B 1 D, Hollow foam popscreen
B 5 Popscreen, solid foam "teardrop" in neutral gray or black. Most effective with omni microphones.
B 5 D Popscreen, hollow foam "teardrop" in gray only. Most effective with directional microphones.
B 55 D Double popscreen, as above, for side-by-side microphones (as on R2C or paired RC tubes, "3 Tenors"-style)

B 20

Popscreen, 2" basket frame with inner layer of nylon web

B 20 S

Popscreen, 2" basket frame with inner and outer layers of nylon web

Basket windscreen for exterior use of CMC / MK microphones (no CUT1)


Windjammer Synthetic fur cover for BBG, increases wind attenuation 13dB-A

PR 120 S Two-layer popscreen for close-miking of vocals
PR 120 SV As above for capsules with radial orientation (MK 4 V)

W 5

Windscreen, 3.5" solid foam ball in gray only. Most effective with directional microphones.
W 5 D Windscreen, 3.5" hollow foam ball in black only. Most effective with directional microphones.
W 20 Windscreen (80 mm) 3" basket frame with interlocking halves, nylon web covering
W 20 R 1 Windscreen, 3" basket frame with "WindJammer" fur cover (the "Tribble")
W 140 Windscreen for moderate wind
W 170 Foam Windscreen for SuperCMIT 2U


Stereo windscreen, foam sleeve; for in-line MK 4 V, 41 V, or 8 (or CCM 4V, 41 V, or 8) X-Y or M-S pairs



Stereo indscreen, solid foam ball; for a parallel-aligned dual or Mid-Side pair of MK- or CCM-
WSC ORTF Surround*
(*formaly named WSR-ORTF Surround)
WSC ORTF Surround Windshield w/ included Fur Cover, use w/ ORTF Surround Bar LM
WSR ORTF LU WSR ORTF LU, windshield, Windjammer, suspension w/ integral STC and Connbox (2x Lemo to XLR-5M)
WSR 3 CMIT LU WSR 3 CMIT LU, 100 mm x 260 mm Windshield, Windjammer fur cover, elastic suspension and Connbox (Mini XLR-3F) for CMIT 5U $699.00
WSR 100 LU WSR 100 LU, 100mm Basket windshield, Windjammer, suspension and cable set for CCM-L $729.00
  Windscreen with elastic suspension, for MK- or CCM-
WJ 100 LU WindJammer for WSR 100 LU

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