W 140 Windscreen for CMIT 5U Shotgun microphone for moderate wind $41.00
WSR CMXY 150mm basket windshield, with modified A 20 S suspension for CMXY 4V lg $571.00
WSR DMS CMIT LU 150mm windshield, suspension, Connbox, (2) KMSC for Double M/S with CMIT $1,179.00
WSR DMS LU 150mm windshield, elastic suspension and Connbox, (3) Lemo to XLRM 7-pin $1,448.00
WSR MS 150mm basket windshield, suspension with stereo clip for M/S $669.00
WSR MS CI WSR MS with included KCY 115/0.25 lg Y-Cable for M/S (MK caps), Binder out $1,619.00
WSR MS LI WSR MS with included KLY 115/0.25 lg Y-Cable for M/S (CCM_L), Binder out $1,299.00
WSR MS LU WSR MS with included KLY 115/0.25 SU Y-Cable for M/S (CCM_L), XLR-3M out $1,210.00
  WSR ORTF LU WSR ORTF LU, windshield, Windjammer, suspension and integral cable for (2) CCM-L, XLR-3M out $1,349.00
WSR MS CMIT Includes CMIT 5U, CCM8 Lg (w/ K5 LU & SGC), KMSC, Rycote Full Windshield 4 Kit & Connbox 8, wood box, W 140 and SG20 $5,522.00
WSR MS 100 LU 100mm basket windshield, suspension and Connbox 6 for M/S using CCM_L $882.00
WSR 100 LU 100mm basket windshield, elastic suspension and Connbox for single CCM_L $899.00


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