VST 62 IUg
VST 62 IUg
  • for stereo recordings with the active stereo cable or the active stereo tube
  • universal phantom powering (12-48V)
  • can be used with long microphone cables (up to several hundred meters)
  • can form a compact, universal stereo microphone with the KCY: A-B (spacing up to 50 cm), ORTF, X-Y, M-S (also with RCY), etc.

This phantom-powered microphone amplifier has been designed for operation with the active stereo cable KCY and active stereo tube RCY. In connection with the comprehensive accessories this combination may be used as a compact stereo microphone unit and is unusually versatile.

It operates on 12V-48V universal phantom powering.

Within this range the actual powering voltage is not critical and has no influence on headroom or any other operational parameter.

Depending on the recording technique being used, the XLR-5M output of the VST 62 IUg carries either the left and right or the Mid and Side signals.

As with the amplifiers of the Colette Series, its microphone-level outputs are balanced, so that cables up to several hundred meters in length can be run without any problems.

Unlike the CMC microphone amplifier, the VST 62 IUg can operate into an unbalanced input with no transformer required and with no loss in signal level. For this purpose a powering unit with decoupling condensers is required.

Accessory (to be ordered separately):

K 30 STR Stand Support Clamp for attaching the VST 62 IUg to any 12 mm rod (e.g., STR vertical support rods)

Color: gray

Sensitivity of the microphone: As stated for the capsules with the microphone amplifier CMC 6. These data are independent of the powering voltage.
Equivalent noise level:
Signal-to-noise ratio:
Maximum sound pressure level:
Low cut-off frequency: -3 dB @ 18 Hz, 6 dB/octave
Maximum output voltage at 0.5% THD: 950 mVeff (at 1 kHz and 1 kOhm load resistance)
Source impedance: 60 Ohms
Minimum recommended load resistance: 600 Ohms
Powering: 12V-48V phantom
Current consumption per channel: 4 mA, independent of the powering voltage
Length: 170 mm (7")
Diameter: 30 mm (1")
Weight: ca. 230 g (8 oz)
Price: $1,542.00


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