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Thirty-five years ago nearly everyone expected solid-state electronics to bring about the demise of the vacuum tube. But a hard core of music aficionados has remained faithful to the tube, citing its special properties. They realize that digital processing gives the highest quality, at least according to currently available measurement techniques -- but they consider all such measurements inadequate by comparison with the educated human ear. The measurable "shortcomings" of vacuum tube circuitry (e.g., somewhat higher seIf-noise and harmonic distortion) are gladly accepted for the sake of a warmer, softer, more "musical" sound -- the typical "tube sound." Sometimes tubes are even overdriven deliberately so as to obtain the desired extra overtones. Absolute precision in rendering the original sound is considered less important than the overall "sonic character."

For this group of users Schoeps has added to its product line the new tube microphones M 222AC and M 222DC with their power supplies NT 222AC and NT 222DC. Both components are built by elvo, a Schoeps-affiliated supplier which can produce a small to moderate number of units at a reasonable price with the high quality expected by our customers.

The new approach to tube design does not merely recycle techniques from the Sixties; rather, it unites a first-quality tube with up-to-date circuitry. Since there is no need for a modern vacuum tube microphone to be bulky, the dimensions of the CMC- series have been utilized. The model designation M 222 is based on that of the legendary Schoeps tube microphone M 221 B, though the specifications and performance are significantly improved.

A summary of the most important characteristics: Not only can any capsule of the Colette Series be used, but also all the active accessories such as the CUT, GVC, KC-, RC-, and the BLM 03 C.

The NT 222AC power supply offers a selection of five bias settings for subtle variations in "tube sound," coupled with an optional 48V line driver for long cable runs. The NT 222DC supply can be either AC- or DC-powered externally, it has a "TUBE DIRECT" switch setting with no semiconductors in the signal path whatsoever; optionally, a built-in solid-state preamplifier brings the output up to "line level" in 10 dB steps. A "HARMONICS" switch alters the Q-point of the tube, causing the gradual increase of harmonics to set in earlier, to emphasize the typical "tube sound." Both supplies incorporate high-pass filter switches to cope with pickup of excessive LF energy.



Supplied Equipment

Complete set in a lacquered wooden storage case, consisting of:

  • Tube microphone M 222

  • Microphone cable KS 5 U, 5 m (16') length: low capacitance, gold-plated pins; 100% shielded

  • Microphone power supply NT 222

  • AC cable (M 222AC) or universal mains adapter M 222DC

  • Popscreen B 5

  • Clamp SG 20

MK- capsules are to be ordered separately.

M 222AC / M 222DC
Dimensions: Diameter 20 mm, length 116 mm (without MK capsule)
Connector: XLR-5, gold-plated
Sensitivity: 38 mV/Pa with MK 2 S
Max. SPL: 142 dB without attenuation (THD = 0.5%) with MK 2 S
Output: transformerless
Surface finish: Nextel or nickel. For an extra charge: matte red gold
NT 222AC:
Dimensions: 105 mm (4") x 50 mm (2") x 140 mm (5.5")
Input: XLR-5, gold-plated
Output: XLR-3, gold-plated (balanced, may be connected unbalanced without loss of level)
Max. Output Level: 3 Vrms into 1 kOhm
Max. length cable: up to 125', 700' with line drivers P48-powered
Power supply: 120 VAC, 50 Hz-60 Hz


ON/OFF, FILTER 60 Hz (12 dB/oct), FILTER 150 Hz (6 dB/oct), HARMONICS (5 positions, for more "tube sound"), UNBAL for single-ended output, ATTEN 10 dB pad.


green: ON, yellow: HARMONICS, red: OVERLOAD (6 dB headroom), red: P48.
NT 222DC
Dimensions: 105 mm (4") x 50 mm (2") x 140 mm (5.5")
Input: XLR-5, gold-plated
Output: XLR-3, gold-plated (balanced, may be connected unbalanced without loss of level)
Max. Output Level: 9.5 Vrms (196 dBV) into 600 Ohms (TUBE DIRECT: 3 Vrms into 1 kOhm)
Max. length cable: more than 100 m (TUBE DIRECT: 15 m)
Power supply: Switching power supply with an input for external 12 VDC @ 200 mA; supply insulated from ground (switchable)


ON/OFF, FILTER 60 Hz (12 dB/oct.), FILTER 150 Hz (6 dB/oct.), AMPLIFICATION -10 dB (TUBE DIRECT), 0/10/20/30 dB, HARMONICS (for more "tube sound"), GROUND LIFT


green: ON, yellow: HARMONICS, red: OVERLOAD (6 dB headroom)
Price: $2,499.00


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