Active Stereo Cable KC 250/0 I

The electrically active stereo cable KCY 250/-I represents the heart of this miniature stereo recording system. It allows the entire stereo recording arrangement to be reduced to only two small capsules and an elegant support device. The microphone amplifier or preamplifier is positioned some distance away. Thus it is visually unobtrusive, and does not contribute to the weight of the arrangement.

Mounting is very easily accomplished by attaching the Y-split cable ends to the appropriate mechanical accessory, and by screwing on the required capsules. At the end of the active stereo cable there is a miniature connector for either the stereo microphone-amplifier module VST 62 IU, or the microphone preamplifier VMS 5 U.

While the capsule ends of the active stereo cable have a fixed length of 250 mm, other versions with different lengths for the other end are available. The shortest of these, pictured above, results in an extraordinarily compact unit.

The cable should not be longer than necessary since the signal transmission is unbalanced. 20 m represents a reasonable maximum length. The usual length is 5 m.

If longer cables (up to several hundred meters) are required, the VST 62 IU should be used and extended with conventional balanced microphone cable.


The active stereo cable is available with cable ends of the following standard lengths:

KCY 250/0 I 10 cm (4") cable end, for use with an extension cable or for direct connection to the VST 62 IU. This results in a compact stereo microphone arrangement with an XLR-5 output.
KCY 250/5 I 5 m cable for direct connection without an extension cable

KS 5 I and KS 10 I
Extension Cables

KS 5 I: 5 m (16') long
KS 10 I: 10 m (33') long
Other lengths are available on request.
Price: KCY 250/0 Ig $842.00
KCY 250/5 Ig $861.00


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