• X-Y stereo microphone (two cardioids)
  • Compact, elegant and lightweight
  • Universally applicable: on tables, stands, booms, or hung; for speech or music
  • Lateral pickup
  • With XLR-5 or miniature 5-pin Binder output connector

The CMXY 4V is a new compact and versatile "X-Y stereo" microphone which is elegant and very unobtrusive. Thanks to its slight high-frequency emphasis it is ideally suited to speech, but can equally well be used for music. It thus lends itself ideally to TV and broadcast use, e.g., on a table for discussions, for presenters, boom operation or as a stereo spot microphone on a stand.

History: As a consequence of a requirement to go stereo, French TV, who enjoy a close relationship with Schoeps, cooperated in the design of the CMXY 4V. Their technical adviser proposed the use of a coincident recording technique.


CMXY 4V with WMS Windscreen



The CMXY 4V has three sections, the first of which consists of two rotatable cardioid microphones with lateral sound pickup which are immediately adjacent to eachanother. The second section consists of two interlocked gears on which the capsules are mounted, so as to turn in opposite directions when moved. Additionally it allows the microphone section to be tilted in the desired direction. The third section is the base and contains the output connector.

"X-Y" is a coincident technique, and since in conventional X-Y microphones the capsules are usually positioned one above the other, the CMXY 4V array might seem unusual and not true X-Y. However, true X-Y it most certainly is. This becomes clear when one considers the compact dimensions of this new microphone: Its maximum width at the capsule section is only 41 mm. This approximates to the diameter of conventional coincident stereo microphones, but unlike them, the CMXY 4V is much smaller in its overall size. This is only possible through the use of the smallest, balanced-output classical condenser microphone series on the market, the Schoeps CCM (Compact Condenser Microphone) range.

The CMXY 4V has a second feature: The angle between the microphones can be adjusted without affecting the main stereo axis, unlike other X-Y microphones, which have one fixed capsule and one rotating capsule. In the case of the CMXY 4V, the microphones always rotate equally in opposite directions to the main axis due to an ingenious gearing arrangement at their bases. This dramatically simplifies the adjustment of the angle between the microphones' axes.

The CMXY 4V offers balanced outputs at a low impedance of 90 Ohms, allowing connection of cables up to some hundred meters without affecting sound quality. Furthermore, a low sensitivity to electromagnetic interference is guaranteed.


Accessories include several from the Schoeps Colette Series as, for example, the WMS windscreen, A 20 S elastic suspension and H 20g cable hanger. For outdoor recordings, use the WSR CMXY basket-type windscreen and WindJammer fur cover.


Polar Diagram
CMXY 4V Polar Diagram

On-axis Freq Resp
CMXY 4V on-axis frequency response

Polar pattern: 2x cardioid
Pickup: lateral
Max. sound pressure level: 132 dB SPL
Equivalent noise level: 16 dB-A/26 dB (CCIR)
Powering: P12 (8 mA) -- P48 (4 mA)
Output impedance: 90 Ohms
Maximum output level: approx. 1 Volt

XLR-5 (An AKSU/2U XLR-5 F-to-2x XLR-3M adapter cable is included)
5-pin Binder miniature connector

Weight: 190 g (7 oz.)
Price: $5,495.00


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