CMH 6-    hspace="2" vspace="2" width="71" height="320">
CMH 641
  • three different directional patterns available
  • offers protection from plosive sounds
    ("popping") and handling noises
Protection from plosive sounds (vocal "popping") can be achieved with conventional windscreens; but the more effective these are, the greater the risk to the other parameters of the microphone's performance.
CMH 6-
CMH 64

Schoeps handheld microphones, however, use a very effective windscreen as the basic element of their design, into which a special capsule is integrated.

Protection from solid-borne noise is achieved in Schoeps handheld microphones by means of a progressively elastic mounting for all the functional elements.

As with the CMC 6-, the CMH 6- can operate at any standard 12V-48V phantom powering.


CMH 64 Freq Resp
CMH 64 on-axis frequency response

CMH 641 Freq Resp
CMH 641 on-axis frequency response

CMH 64 with Cardioid pattern

When there is simultaneous loudspeaker transmission, the risk of acoustic feedback is reduced by the low-frequency roll-off and the directional characteristic, provided that the performer stays on-axis and away from the loudspeakers.

Proximity effect compensates for the loss of bass when used at close distances.

CMH 641 with Supercardioid pattern

Protects against feedback

Greatest directivity and low-frequency roll-off, thus the best suppression of acoustic feedback and ambient noise

Proximity effect compensates for the loss of bass when used at close distances.

Type of microphone CMH 64 CMH 641
Directivity pattern cardioid supercardioid
Frequency range 40-20000 Hz 40-20000 Hz
Sensitivity 13 mV/Pa 12 mV/Pa
Equivalent noise level, CCIR 26 dB 27 dB
Equivalent noise level, A-weighted 16 dB-A 17 dB-A
Signal-to-noise level, A-weighted 78 dB-A 77 dB-A
Maximum sound pressure
level at 0.5% THD
132 dB SPL 132 dB SPL
Output voltage at maximum SPL 1 V 1 V
Powering 12V-48V 12V-48V
Connector XLR-3M XLR-3M
Dimensions in mm 37/26 x 210 37/26 x 210
Weight 190 g (7 oz) 190 g (7 oz)

SGH: stand clamp with tapered holder. The operating angle is adjusted by a swivel.
For 5/8"-27 NS threads; adapter provided for 3/8" and 1/2" threads.

Color: gray

Separately available:

For hygienic reasons and ease of identification, a set of interchangeable thin foam guards is available in red, blue, green, yellow and gray

Hygienic Guard PS 4 (for CMH 64 and CMH 641)

CMH Accessories
CMH with accessories
Price: CMH 64 U $1,956.00
CMH 641 U $1,980.00


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