Battery Powered CMBI*
  • with unbalanced, medium-impedance output
  • for use with short cables (a few meters)
  • designed for connection to any desired microphone input
The input of a recorder or wireless microphone will often lack phantom powering for microphones, and may also be unbalanced, e.g., portable DAT recorders or wireless microphone transmitters. Either case would prevent the direct connection of phantom-powered microphones. But so that no one need be deprived of the quality of its condenser microphones, SCHOEPS offers the CMBI, a battery-powered microphone amplifier with an unbalanced output. Combine this with one of the many microphone capsules of the Colette Series and you obtain a microphone which is acoustically equivalent to the balanced version using the CMC microphone amplifier.

The CMBI uses a readily available 6 V silver oxide battery which, combined with power-saving circuitry, gives up to 80 hours of operation. About 6 hours before the end of battery life a built-in LED begins to light up as a warning.

In addition to battery operation, the CMBI allows for external powering through the connection cable. As is normal with unbalanced, low-output-level devices having moderate output impedance, the connecting cable should not be longer than about 15 m, in order to avoid possible RF interference and impaired performance. Please note: neither the Colette Series active accessories nor the BLM 03 C can be used with the CMBI.

Instead of a large XLR connector, the CMBI has a flush-mounted 5-pin miniature connector at its output. For normal connection of the CMBI to a DAT recorder, etc., a 5 m cable with a 3.5 mm mini stereo plug is included. This cable can be extended with a standard 3.5 mm stereo jack-to-stereo plug cable, or with a miniature-plug extension cable such as a Schoeps KS 5 I. For operation with pocket transmitters we have ready-made cables with special connectors on request.

For stereo recordings there is a Y-shaped cable (KIY 250/0 I) which connects two CMBIs to a compact junction box via two pieces of cable, each 250 mm in length. The short cable leading out of this box has a miniature plug and can be extended with the standard KS ISK cable. Other cable lengths are available on request.

Included: case, battery, adapter cable K 5 ISK.

Separately available: microphone capsules, windscreens, etc.


Sensitivity (capsule-dependent):

8-17 mV/Pa (1 dB less than with CMC 6)

Equivalent noise level (capsule-dependent): 12-19 dB-A (same as CMC 6)
Maximum output voltage: "0 dB" position: 700 mV
"-15 dB" position: ca. 140 mV
Maximum sound pressure level at 0.5% THD (capsule- and load-dependent):

Switch position "0 dB": at least 130 dB SPL (RL = 10 kOhm), ca. 120 dB SPL (RL = 1 kOhm)
Switch position "-15 dB": at least 130 dB SPL

Output: unbalanced


"0 dB" position: 500 Ohms
"-15 dB" position: 300 Ohms
Switches: A combined three-position on/off/attenuation switch:
"0 dB" (ON) / OFF / "-15 dB" (ON)

6 V silver oxide (e.g., IEC 4 SR 44)

Battery life: ca. 80 hours
External powering: 7-13 VDC
Output connector: 5-pin miniature Binder
Diameter: 20 mm

Length without capsule:

92 mm

72 g (2.5 oz.)

Surface finish: matte gray
Price $739.00

KIY 250/0 I

Stereo "Y" Cable links two CMBI battery-powered microphones to K 5 ISK cable

Output cable for CMBI; Binder connector and 1/8" T-R-S plug



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