Williams is well-known for his many papers delivered at AES conventions, detailing and comparing microphone arrays for stereo and surround-sound recording. In this book, updated with color graphics, he distills the result of his theoretical explorations and practical experience into a comprehensive survey of the subject, enabling the reader to understand the basics and behavior of various microphone arrays.

  • The training of the ear
  • The operational approach to microphone array recording
  • Tutorial on microphones

Sound recording is, above all, the skill of building a bridge between the technical and the artistic. Even though a great deal of understanding can also be gained from the scientific analysis of the microphone-array design process, the training of the ear to interpret the different parameters of a sound image is probably the most important part of what is usually a long apprenticeship.

In this volume, Michael gives a basic introduction to the operational simplicity of microphone-array design, followed by guidance in training the ear, using some initial experimental recording-array configurations, for stereophonic and multichannel recording. This should enable the reader to start recording with stereophonic, 3 and 4-channel microphone arrays as soon as possible with a minimum of study.

Michael Williams started his professional career at the BBC Television Studios in London in 1960. In 1965 he moved to France to work for 'Societe Audax' in Paris developing loudspeakers for professional sound and television broadcasting. He later worked for the Conservatoire National des Arts et Metiers as Chief Engineer in the adult education television service. In 1980 he became a free-lance instructor in Audio Engineering and Sound Recording Practice, working for most of the major French national television and sound broadcasting companies, as well as many training schools and institutions.

He is an active member of the Audio Engineering Society, and has published many papers on Stereo and Multichannel Recording systems over the past twenty years.

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