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Schoeps manufactures an unusually comprehensive line of professional condenser microphones and accessories. Their Colette system offers 21 different capsules which thread onto a common amplifier body or can be placed remotely by using special cables, goosenecks or tubes. This modular system makes possible a very small, easily positioned, unobtrusive pickup. An array of windscreens, clamps, and suspensions expands the versatility of this highly flexible system still further.

A recent development utilizing surface-mount technology places the electronics inside the capsule for the smallest possible package. The many arrangements made possible by the Colette system can be set up with the CCM series as well. The transparency and neutrality for which Schoeps microphones are famous remains uncompromised: only the exchangeable capsule feature is sacrificed.

Three stereo microphones round out the Schoeps line. Besides coincident and "ORTF Stereo" microphones, an innovative "Sphere Microphone" can be used independently or as the basis for a "purist" surround-sound recording system. A DSP box is available, whose feature set includes a "5.1 Surround" output.

Schoeps' unique "PolarFlex System" configures what is unquestionably the most sophisticated stereo microphone pair yet devised. Its DSP box can duplicate the salient characteristics of any professional microphone or, more importantly, can enable the user to configure microphones impossible to build in the "real world." This is done by changing the polar patterns and sensitivity of its two "virtual" microphones across three overlapping, user-determined frequency ranges. The many choices this allows can be explored at leisure in post-production, once the four incoming microphone signals are recorded.

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