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Rycote, in conjunction with Human Computer Interface, has published the Microphone Data Book - a unique compendium of microphones in professional use. This enormous work, with over 1,000 pages, documents the essential technical details of each device in a unified format which allows direct comparison of specifications. Comprehensive indexing is included for preferred use, price range, polar pattern and even transducer type. In addition to the extensive microphone data, there are also several articles on various aspects of microphone history, design and use from many world-known names.

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The Microphone Data Book is the most comprehensive guide to microphones in professional use ever published. It includes descriptions of over 850 microphones from 54 manufacturers worldwide, complete with pictures, response curves, and technical data, plus full contact details for manufacturers. This essential hardback publication also contains specially commissioned articles, covering the history and use of microphones. If you manufacture, sell, possess, rent, study, invent or use microphones, then this 1016 page book will be an invaluable guide.

The Microphone Data Book includes the following specially commissioned articles:

  • A brief history of microphones By technical author and ex-BBC lecturer, Hugh Robjohns, this charts the development of the microphone from the 1800s to the present day.
  • A brief guide for aligning coincident stereo microphone systems Also by Hugh Robjohns, this tackles the tricky subject of effectively aligning microphones for stereo use.
  • Surround sound, yesterday, today and tomorrow By Dave Malham, Experimental Officer at the University of York's Music Department, this discusses the origins of and advances in multichannel recording and reproduction.
  • Choosing the right microphone By Ron Streicher, audio production engineer and AES fellow, this describes how to select the right microphone for an application.
  • How to reduce wind noise and vibration By Chris Woolf, Technical Editor of the Microphone Data Book, this discusses the various techniques available to minimise wind and handling noise.
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