Stereo Microphone Positioners


  • Supports any coincident or near-coincident, vertical or horizontal array
  • Can be stand-mounted, boom-hung, or flown
  • Securely supports even the largest microphones
  • Center-to-center spacing clearly engraved in centimeters
  • Rotation angles indicated at +/- 30, 45, and 55 degrees
  • SMP 17 seventeen inch (developed to handle Coles 4038 and other heavy mics), SMP 1.25M, and SMP 1M widths
  • Not shown: "Decca Tree" and Mini Tree Three-Point Configurations and Super Tree Five-Point surround-sound configurations
The AEA Stereo Microphone Positioner (SMP) was first conceived as a device for mounting a stereo pair of Coles 4038 ribbon microphones. However, it soon became evident that it could be designed to provide a secure and versatile support for microphones from almost any manufacturer - even the heavy large diaphragm condensers which ordinarily will not fit on a conventional "stereo bar." The SMP consists of a sturdy one-inch wide hard-anodized aluminum bar with a non-reflective matte black finish and three microphone sliders. The bar is available in three sizes, the SMP-17 (17 inches), the SMP-1M (one meter) and the SMP-1.25M (1.25 meters). The bar is engraved across its length in 2.5cm increments. With zero at the center, these markings designate the distance between the sliders, with special markings to indicate the 17cm spacing unique to the ORTF stereo system. The sliders are marked around the circumference at 0 , +/-30 , 45 , and 55 degrees. These represent included angles of 60 , 90 and 110 degrees respectively between the microphones, and may be used to facilitate exact and repeatable positioning of any conventional stereo perspective. Each slider is fitted with two thumb-screws to secure it onto the bar. Extra-wide locking microphone positioning rings are provided for each slider, and one female threaded coupler is included to allow the SMP to be mounted on a microphone stand or boom. For more complex microphone arrays, additional sliders may be ordered separately. Multiple SMPs are combined to create the AEA Mini Tree, "Decca Tree" and Super Tree arrays.

SMP 17

SMP 17 Stereo Microphone Positioner, 17" Width
SMP 1M Stereo Microphone Positioner, One-Meter Width
SMP 1.25M Stereo Microphone Positioner, 1.25 Meter Width
Mini Tree One-Meter by 1711 Microphone Array
Decca Tree Two Meter by One Meter Microphone Array
Super Tree 2.5 Meter by 1.25 Meter Microphone Array
SMP-S Stereo Microphone Positioner Slider
Replacement/add-on for mounting microphones on MMP series positioners. Laser etched markings for 0, 30, 45, 55 degree positioning angle. 5/8"-27 male thread and extra large diameter locking ring.
SMP-MB Mini Decca Tree Bracket
SMP-OT Decca Tree Bracket -- Custom Product
For more information on the "Decca Tree",
download the AEA Decca Tree User's Guide.

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